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In addition to the special activities shown, members are welcome to attend at any of the opening times.

About Men’s Sheds – What’s In It For You?

  • Do you find that you have fewer opportunities for socialising with like-minded men?
  • Do you have skills and knowledge which you could pass on to others?
  • Would you like to learn new skills from other men?
  • Do you have a personal project which you wish to work on?
  • Would you like to have access to somewhere you could just have a coffee and conversation?
  • Do you sometimes just feel that you need some company?


The Men’s Shed movement started in Australia from where it spread rapidly.

The purpose of a Shed is to provide a social and workshop environment for men of all ages from 18 and upwards.  They may be in work, out of work, retired, with disabilities or just plain bored.  These men have a wealth of skills and knowledge to contribute and can gain immensely from social contact and sharing their experience with other men.

It is widely recognized that men, particularly not when in employment, can suffer from social isolation, often leading to deterioration of mental health and physical wellbeing.

Experience has shown that being a member of a Men’s Shed has a very positive effect on such wellbeing.

Culter and District Men’s Shed Development

A group of enthusiastic men with encouragement from a local councillor formed the Culter and district Men’s Shed.

Eight trustees are managing the project which is a registered charity.

The former cadet hut in the Bush was identified as an ideal location for our shed and initially leased to us by Aberdeen Council. Purchase of the shed/site was completed in November 2019. 

We own our Shed!!!

You need the Men’s Shed






Scottish Men’s Shed Association

The Scottish Men’s Shed Association is the umbrella organisation for all Men’s Sheds in Scotland. For more information please CLICK on the link below.


UK Men’s Shed Association

The UK Men’s Shed Association is the umbrella organisation for all Men’s Sheds in UK. For more information please CLICK on the link below.

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